Patrick d'Astous

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Process in software engineering is a growing concern for many software development organizations. The need for well-educated software engineers is bringing new software engineering programs to universities. In many programs, software process education adds up to a few hours of lectures in an introductory software engineering course. This paper presents the(More)
By contrast to design meetings, design evaluation meetings (DEMs) have generally been considered as situations in which, according to DEMs methodologies, design activities are quite marginal. In a study of DEMs in software development, i.e. in technical review meetings following a particular review methodology, we showed: (i) the occurrence of design(More)
This paper presents an approach to the study of cognitive activities in collaborative software development. This approach has been developed by a multidisciplinary team made up of software engineers and cognitive psychologists. The basis of this approach is to improve our understanding of software development by observing professionals at work. The goal is(More)
The object of this paper is to propose and illustrate two complementary approaches to analyse team design activities: a functional and an interactional approach. The functional approach examines how collective design proceeds from the viewpoint of actions and objects. The analyses conducted under the interactional approach concern argumentation and(More)
Peer review meetings (PRMs) are formal meetings during which peers systematically analyze artifacts to improve their quality and report on non-conformities. This paper presents an approach based on protocol analysis for quantifying the influence of participant roles during PRMs. Three views are used to characterize the seven defined participant roles. The(More)
Disciplines, like software engineering, evolve over time by studying some practices and feeding back those results to improve the practice. The empirical approach presented in this paper is used to analyze the nature of the information shared during Peer Review Meetings held in industrial software engineering project. The results obtained show that although(More)
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