Patrick Ziegler

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Human aging is associated with DNA methylation changes at specific sites in the genome. These epigenetic modifications may be used to track donor age for forensic analysis or to estimate biological age. We perform a comprehensive analysis of methylation profiles to narrow down 102 age-related CpG sites in blood. We demonstrate that most of these(More)
New World monkeys of the genus Aotus synthesize a fusion protein (AoT5Cyp) containing tripartite motif-containing 5 (TRIM5) and cyclophilin A (CypA) that potently blocks HIV-1 infection. We attempted to generate a human HIV-1 inhibitor modeled after AoT5Cyp, by fusing human CypA to human TRIM5 (hT5Cyp). Of 13 constructs, 3 showed substantial(More)
We give an overview of the SIRUP (Semantic Integration Reflecting User-specific semantic Perspectives) approach to semantic data integration that takes into account heterogeneity of data receivers. Our goal is to provide means that allow data from heterogeneous sources to be integrated in a way that it perfectly fits to a particular user’s information(More)
Ontologies are increasingly used to represent the intended real-world semantics of data and services in information systems. Unfortunately, different databases often do not relate to the same ontologies when describing their semantics. Consequently, it is desirable to have information about the similarity between ontology concepts for ontology alignment and(More)
Ontology languages to represent ontologies exist in large numbers, and users who want to access or reuse ontologies can often be confronted with a language they do not know. Therefore, due to their great number, ontology languages are nowadays themselves a source of heterogeneity. In this paper, we present the SIRUP Ontology Query API (SOQA) that was(More)
Over 800 million people worldwide are infected with hepatitis viruses, human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), and malaria, resulting in more than 5 million deaths annually. Here we discuss the potential and challenges of humanized mouse models for developing effective and affordable therapies and vaccines, which are desperately needed to combat these diseases.
Inhibition of BCR-ABL tyrosine kinase with imatinib represents a major breakthrough in the treatment of patients with chronic myeloid leukemia (CML). However, resistance to imatinib develops frequently, particularly in late-stage disease. To identify new cellular BCR-ABL downstream targets, we analyzed differences in global protein expression in(More)
Data integration is one of the older research fields in the database area and has emerged shortly after database systems were first introduced into the business world. In this paper, we briefly introduce the problem of integration and, based on an architectural perspective, give an overview of approaches to address the integration issue. We discuss the(More)
The nonhematopoietic bone marrow (BM) microenvironment provides a functional niche for hematopoietic cell maintenance, recruitment, and differentiation. It consists of multiple cell types including vasculature, bone, adipose tissue, and fibroblast-like bone marrow stromal cells (BMSC), which can be summarized under the generic term niche cells. BMSC express(More)