Patrick Zanon

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The paper addresses the question whether a machine can learn to identify famous performers (pianists) based on their style of playing. A preliminary study is presented where different machine learning algorithms are applied to performance data derived from Mozart sonata recordings by several famous pianists. It is shown that the algorithms learn to(More)
The Expressive Director is a system allowing real-time control of music performance synthesis, in particular regarding expressive and emotional aspects. It allows a user to interact in real time, for example, changing the emotional intent from happy to sad or from a romantic expressive style to a neutral while it is playing. The Expressive Director was(More)
Understanding the content in musical gestures is an ambitious issue in scientific environment. Several studies demonstrated how different expressive intentions can be conveyed by a musical performance and correctly recognized by the listeners: several models for the synthesis can also be found in the literature. In this paper we draw an overview of the(More)
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