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Two experiments were undertaken in which the effects of semichronic administration of the precursor steroid, pregnenolone, were examined in a food search task. In both experiments male rats were required to find a food reward in a designated hole in an arena with 16 equally spaced holes. Hormone administration began 8 days before the onset of training.(More)
OBJECTIVE Because patients with mental illness can die prematurely, we sought to determine if undetected cardiovascular disease might be present in a psychiatric day treatment population. METHOD We studied 96 patients in a day treatment program seen between February 2011 and August 2012. Data were obtained through an electronic medical record database.(More)
CONTEXT  Cooling devices aim to protect firefighters by attenuating a rise in body temperature. Devices for head cooling (HC) while firefighting and forearm cooling (FC) during rehabilitation (RHB) intervals are commonly marketed, but research regarding their efficacy is limited. OBJECTIVE  To investigate the physiological and perceived effects of HC and(More)
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