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To assess the prevalence of use of Personal Cassette Players (PCP) among youths in a residential community in Hong Kong, we interviewed 487 youths aged 15-24 years who attended various activities in eight Youth Centres in Shatin, Hong Kong. 394 (81%) reported using the Personal Cassette Player regularly. The mean duration of PCP use was 2.8 years with a(More)
In a case-control study on the risk of traffic accidents among motorcyclists in Singapore, we demonstrated an inverse monotonic relationship between accident risk and driving experience. As compared to drivers with less that 1 yr of driving experience, the odds ratios (adjusted for race, age and frequency of riding) for those with driving experience of 1-4,(More)
In a study of the injury pattern among 198 motorcyclists who sustained road traffic accidents from 1986-1987, it was found that the following body regions, in decreasing order of frequency, were involved: external region (surface or integumentary lesion of any body region) with 285 injuries, extremities and bony pelvis with 118 injuries, head and face with(More)
We describe a case of delayed presentation of attempted suicide with a nail gun that penetrated both the right and left ventricle. Nearly invisible entry point of the nail did not reflect the gravity of the injury. A prompt and accurate history along with chest X-ray and bedside transthoracic echocardiography facilitated localization of the nails and helped(More)
BACKGROUND Guidelines have been issued for the management of lung cancer patients in the United Kingdom. However, compliance with these national guidelines varies in different thoracic units in the country. We set out to evaluate our thoracic surgery practice and compliance with the national guidelines. METHODS An initial audit in 2011 showed deficiencies(More)
Time-lapse or longitudinal fluorescence microscopy is broadly used in cell biology. However, current available time-lapse fluorescence microscopy systems are bulky and costly. The limited field-of-view (FOV) associated with the microscope objective necessitates mechanical scanning if a larger FOV is required. Here we demonstrate a wide FOV time-lapse(More)
References 1. Kennebeck GA, Wong AK, Berry WR, Higgins JP, Manubens SM. Mediastinal bronchogenic cyst manifesting as catastrophic myocardial infarction. Ann Thorac Surg. 1999;67:1789-91. 2. Nomori H, Kameda T, Kobayashi R, Morinaga S. A case of intra-pericardial bronchogenic cyst requiring an emergency operation. Nippon Kyobu Geka Gakki Zasshi.(More)