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Single-conductor armored cables are often used to carry high currents in buildings. This paper presents an experimental investigation into both induced voltages and cable resistances associated with the installation of these cables within the buildings. Both induced armor voltages and cable resistances under different installation practices were measured at(More)
The culture supernatant of Clostridium botulinum type C, concentrated by addition of RNA, acid precipitation and subsequent protamine treatment was used as starting material for rapid purification of L toxin (mol. wt. ca. 500K) and M toxin (mol. wt. ca. 350K) of C1 neurotoxin by ion-exchange chromatography on a Mono S column by fast performance liquid(More)
The unequal current distribution in parallel single-conductor cable installations can lead to an excessive temperature rise. This paper presents a cable model and a procedure of coupled electrical and thermal analyses for the evaluation of the current, loss, and temperature in the cables of concern. The cable model and analytical method were tested(More)
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