Patrick Wettstein

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To explore relevant changes in unexplained intraoperative bleeding, we evaluated elements of the final steps of the coagulation cascade in 226 consecutive patients undergoing elective surgery. Patients were stratified for the occurrence of unexplained intraoperative bleeding according to predefined criteria. Twenty patients (8.8%) developed unexplained(More)
Over the last 20 years, several authors have reported aspects of degenerative disease of the vertebral column with irregularity and sclerosis of the margins of the vertebral bodies [2, 4, 7–9, 13, 15, 17]. Twenty cases of such atypical degenerative vertebral lesions have been studied over a two year period and their radiological characteristics have been(More)
Anatomo-radiological study of a case of osteolysis of the femoral head and neck in a 56-year old male who had recieved, 22 years earlier, an intense radiotherapeutic treatment for a soft tissue tumour of the corresponding hip region. The treatment is considered as being the main etiological factor responsible for the bone lesions. The latter seems to have(More)