Patrick Watson Williams

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The role of the phosphoinositide turnover-protein kinase C pathway in mediating PDGF-stimulated c-myc expression and cell proliferation was studied. Both direct activators of kinase C (e.g. phorbol ester analogues) and hormones that activate kinase C via receptor-mediated phosphoinositide turnover (e.g. PDGF, bradykinin, or vasopressin) elicited a rapid(More)
In deciding Addington vs Texas the US Supreme Court established "clear and convincing evidence" as the standard of proof necessary for civil commitment of the mentally ill rather than the criminal standard, "beyond a reasonable doubt." This decision has major implications for the mentally ill person, the family, and the psychiatrist. The mentally ill person(More)
Without attempting to discuss the general question of bronchitis , or to enter deeply into the pathological anatomy of the various forms of bronchitis, I propose to direct attention to a more or less distinct group of cases of acute bronchitis of considerable interest from a medical standpoint. Up to a very recent period it has been usual to consider acute(More)