Patrick W. Sheppard

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Characterizing the sensitivity to infinitesimally small perturbations in parameters is a powerful tool for the analysis, modeling, and design of chemical reaction networks. Sensitivity analysis of networks modeled using stochastic chemical kinetics, in which a probabilistic description is used to characterize the inherent randomness of the system, is(More)
BACKGROUND Activation of the NF-κB transcription factor and its associated gene expression in microglia is a key component in the response to brain injury. Its activation is dynamic and is part of a network of biochemical species with multiple feedback regulatory mechanisms. Mathematical modeling, which has been instrumental for understanding the NF-κB(More)
SUMMARY SPSens is a software package for the efficient computation of stochastic parameter sensitivities of biochemical reaction networks. Parameter sensitivity analysis is a valuable tool that can be used to study robustness properties, for drug targeting, and many other purposes. However its application to stochastic models has been limited when Monte(More)
Overexpression of the inducible heat shock protein 70, Hsp72, has broadly cytoprotective effects and improves outcome following stroke. A full understanding of how Hsp72 protects cells against injury is elusive, though several distinct mechanisms are implicated. One mechanism is its anti-inflammatory effects. We study the effects of Hsp72 overexpression on(More)
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