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Identified paracerebral feeding command interneurons (PCNs) in the brain of the mollusc Pleurobranchaea excite other identified PCNs by means of a chemical polysynaptic pathway whose efficacy is reduced by food avoidance training (conditionally paired food and electric shock). The purpose of the present study was to identify the neurons comprising this(More)
Radiologic pathologic correlation of lung specimens requires a gas content identical to intravital conditions. Methods of air drying and formalin steam fixation are well known but time consuming. A new, rapid method is presented: the lungs are inflated with compressed air, frozen in liquid nitrogen, and cut into slices. Radiographs taken with soft tissue(More)
Neither the prevalence of atopic dermatitis (AD) in children nor the magnitude of risk factors such as socioeconomic status or environmental pollution are well known in Germany. In cooperation with the public health service, we therefore carried out a cross-sectional study during a 1992 preschool examination in Hannover covering 4,219 children. Lifetime(More)
A series of 38 experiments were performed in five conscious goats at air temperatures of +20 degrees C or +30 degrees C to see whether a temperature dependence of spinal cord signal transmission affects the relationships between body temperature and metabolic rate (MR) or respiratory evaporative heat loss (REHL). Prior to the experiments the animals(More)