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OBJECTIVES To obtain the year prevalence of nonfatal motor vehicle accidents (MVAs) in adolescents, to describe trauma symptoms (posttraumatic stress, depression, anxiety, dissociation), and to test a theoretical model of traumatic events. METHODS A community-based sample of 3,007 adolescents (mean age: 14.6 years) completed questionnaires regarding MVAs,(More)
UNLABELLED INTRODUCTION AND PURPOSE OF THE STUDY: With this study we aimed to describe a "true world" picture of severe paediatric 'community-acquired' septic shock and establish the feasibility of a future prospective trial on early goal-directed therapy in children. During a 6-month to 1-year retrospective screening period in 16 emergency departments (ED)(More)
Important long-term health problems have been described after severe paediatric trauma. The International Classification of Functioning (ICF) was developed as a universal framework to describe that health. We evaluated outcome in children after 'severe' trauma (defined as: hospitalised >48 h) by means of a questionnaire based on this ICF construct (IROS).(More)
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