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Well adapted to the loosely coupled nature of distributed interaction in large-scale applications, the publish/subscribe communication paradigm has recently received increasing attention. With systems based on the publish/subscribe interaction scheme, subscribers register their interest in an event, or a pattern of events, and are subsequently(More)
Gossip-based broadcast algorithms, a family of probabilistic broadcast algorithms, trade reliability guarantees against "scalability" properties. Scalability in this context has usually been expressed in terms of message throughput and delivery latency, but there has been little work on how to reduce the memory consumption for membership management and(More)
— Traditionally, reliable multicast protocols are deter-ministic in nature. It is precisely this determinism that tends to become their limiting factor when aiming at reliability and scalability, particularly in highly dynamic networks, e.g., ad hoc networks. As probabilistic protocols, gossip-based multicast protocols, recently (rediscovered d in wired(More)
— Epidemic algorithms have been recently recognized as robust and scalable means to disseminate information in large-scale settings. Information is disseminated reliably in a distributed system the same way an epidemic would be propagated throughout a group of individuals: each process of the system chooses random peers to whom it relays the information it(More)
Securing ad hoc networks is notoriously challenging, notably due to the lack of an on-line infrastructure. In particular, key management is a problem that has been addressed by many researchers but with limited results. In this paper, we consider the case where an ad hoc network is under the responsibility of a mother certification authority (mCA). Since(More)
A virtual networked environment (VNE) consists of virtual machines (VMs) connected by a virtual network. It has been adopted to create " virtual infrastructures " for individual users on a shared cloud computing infrastructure. The ability to take snapshots of an entire VNE — including images of the VMs with their execution, communication and storage states(More)
Understanding the collaborations that arise between the instances of classes in object-oriented programs is important for the analysis , optimization, or modification of the program. Relationships have been proposed as a programming language construct to enable an explicit representation of these collaborations. This paper introduces a relational model that(More)