Patrick Terrematte

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Yoda: a simple tool for natural deduction. Angel Nepomuceno [Universidad de Sevilla, Spain]. Information-theoretic perspective for teaching logic. Peter Bradley [McDaniel College, USA]. CT2.0: A collaborative database of examples for teaching informal logic. C [Room 2.4] Gabriela Hernández Deciderio [UNAM, Mexico]. Philosophy for philosophers: Metalogic in(More)
Aiming to offer a framework for blended learning to the teaching of proof theory, the present paper describes an interactive tutorial, called TryLogic, teaching how to solve logical conjectures either by proofs or refutations. The paper also describes the integration of our infrastructure with the Virtual Learning Environment Moodle through the IMS Learning(More)
Researchers look for new virtual instruments that can improve and maximize traditional forms of teaching and learning. In this paper, we present the ARG system, a virtual tool developed to help the teaching/learning process in argumentation theory, especially in the field of Law. ARG was developed based on Araucaria by Reed and Rowe, Room 5 by Ronald P.(More)
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