Patrick Tavitian

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The principal purpose of this study was to investigate the speech of two edentulous subjects fitted with a complete maxillary prosthesis made of three different palatal materials: aluminium, resin, stellite. The study was performed using two speakers fitted with a prosthesis (a man and a woman). They took part in the acoustic recording of logatoms read by(More)
In oral implantology, successful results in osseointegration are obtained in the medium term (6-12 months) with commercially pure titanium implants. However, current superstructures can be of a different nature (precious metal or titanium) and of different manufacture (cast or machine-produced). Polymetallism between the implant and the superstructure may(More)
One of the main problems for aged people is that of having a balanced diet, improved by correct conditioning of the alimentary bolus. Does the masticatory status influence the appearance of gastrointestinal disorders? Such a question justifies the present study. The present work concerned all the patients (211) of eight geriatric institutions, and was(More)
UNLABELLED The aim of this work was to study the association between dental and periodontal status and digestive pathology in the Ferlo populations in Senegal. METHOD This was a cross sectional study involving 300 people living in the area of the Ferlo in the Centre East of Senegal. Selected individuals must be over the age of 15 years and resided in the(More)
This work proposes to evaluate the relationship between menopause and oral health by a cross-sectional study conducted on 202 menopausal women with or without hormone replacement therapy (HRT) and not menopausal women, with backgrounds socio-economic and socio-cultural variety and aged 42 to 80 years. Two hundred and two patients were the subject of an(More)
The alveolar bone loss is a phenomenon which intervenes throughout the life and which can be aggravated by the action of individual and behavioural factors. From this observation we shall try to characterize it and to propose formulas of prediction of the alveolar bone loss according to the age of the patient. We shall expose an analysis of factors bound to(More)
The principle purpose of this study was to quantify endurance of the biomaterial Bioapatite implanted in periodontal structures of the dog (closed model), such quantification being established by means of indices (Endurance Index and Transformed Endurance Index) obtained as a result of data-processed analysis of histologic images. The investigation further(More)
OBJECTIVE The objective of this study was to utilise a new methodological approach based on radiographic examinations to demonstrate a potential association between coronary heart diseases (CHD) as well as severe hypertension and alveolar bone loss (ABL) in older adults. BACKGROUND Many studies, primarily assessing clinical parameters, underline the(More)
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