Patrick T. Holland

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To date, nothing is known of the pharmacological properties of isomers of domoic acid (DA) in vivo in mammals. Here we assessed the acute seizurogenic and toxic properties of DA, isodomoic acids A, B and C (Iso-A, -B, -C), and the therapeutic potential of these compounds as pharmacological preconditioning agents. DA, Iso-A, Iso-B, and Iso-C all produced(More)
Several natural isomers of the seizurogenic neurotoxin domoic acid (DA) have been found to occur at up to mg/kg levels in shellfish. The aim of the current study was to assess the neurotoxic potency of isodomoic acids A and C (Iso-A and Iso-C), recently isolated from commercial shellfish. Hippocampal slices were obtained from young adult rats and maintained(More)
Domoic acid and its isomers are produced via algal blooms and are found in high concentrations in shellfish. Here, we assessed the acute seizurogenic potencies of isomers-D, -E and -F and their binding affinities at heterogeneous populations of KA receptors from rat cerebrum. In addition, binding affinities of all six isomers (Iso-A through -F) were(More)
Microcystins are hepatotoxic cyclic peptides produced by several cyanobacterial genera worldwide. In 2008, our research group identified eight new glycine-containing microcystin congeners in two hydro-terrestrial mat samples from the McMurdo Dry Valleys of Eastern Antarctica. During the present study, high-resolution mass spectrometry, amino acid analysis(More)
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