Patrick Studer

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Individual atoms and ions are now routinely manipulated using scanning tunnelling microscopes or electromagnetic traps for the creation and control of artificial quantum states. For applications such as quantum information processing, the ability to introduce multiple atomic-scale defects deterministically in a semiconductor is highly desirable. Here we use(More)
BACKGROUND The general outcome of posterior wall acetabular fractures is still the source of discussion. Posterior wall fractures are recognized throughout the literature as being difficult to treat. The aim of the present study was to analyze in our own patients the relevance of the classical prognostic criteria for the outcome of isolated posterior wall(More)
L-forms are cell wall-deficient variants of otherwise walled bacteria that maintain the ability to survive and proliferate in absence of the surrounding peptidoglycan sacculus. While transient or unstable L-forms can revert to the walled state and may still rely on residual peptidoglycan synthesis for multiplication, stable L-forms cannot revert to the(More)
L-forms are cell wall-deficient bacteria that divide through unusual mechanisms, involving dynamic perturbations of the cellular shape and generation of vesicles, independently of the cell-division protein FtsZ. Here we describe FtsZ-independent mechanisms, involving internal and external vesicles, by which Listeria monocytogenes L-forms proliferate. Using(More)
ReVEL – Can we consider Linguistics applied to business contexts as a field of Linguistics on its own? What's the outlook for this field in Europe? Patrick Studer – It depends a little on what you understand by 'linguistics' when you speak of 'linguistics applied to business contexts' and on the perspective from where you look at the phenomenon. The study(More)
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