Patrick Stacey

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Monitoring rates of alcohol consumption across the UK is a timely problem due to ever-increasing drinking levels. This has led to calls from public services (e.g. police and health services) to assess the effect it is having on people and society. Current research methods that are utilised to assess consumption patterns are costly, time consuming, and do(More)
Language change and innovation is constant in online and offline communication, and has led to new words entering people's lexicon and even entering modern day dictionaries, with recent additions of 'e-cig' and 'vape'. However the manual work required to identify these 'innovations' is both time consuming and subjective. In this work we demonstrate how such(More)
Global software development is becoming increasingly popular. Working in geographically distributed teams affords advantages to both employer and employee alike. Despite this, distributed working remains a point of contention for many organisations, with some claiming it unsuitable for complex collaborative work. Many argue that the complex act of team(More)
Language is fundamental to human communication - throughout the course of history language has constantly evolved. This can currently be seen in the changing forms of colloquial language in various on-line social networks (OSN's). These innovations in language are even appearing in every day life with the recent induction of `lol' and `rofl' into modern(More)