Patrick Smith

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Aims. To examine all relevant literature on the economic costs of osteoarthritis in the UK, and to compare such costs globally. Methods. A search of MEDLINE was performed. The search was expanded beyond peer-reviewed journals into publications by the department of health, national orthopaedic associations, national authorities and registries, and arthritis(More)
The primary treatment of urticaria involves identification and discontinuation of the offending agent. Addition of an antihistaminic agent may then be necessary to control pruritus. Because of variable response rates between patients, several alternative agents may need to be tried before the most effective regimen is found. Based on the studies reviewed(More)
UNLABELLED Mericitabine (RG7128) is a nucleoside polymerase inhibitor (NPI), which requires intracellular uptake and phosphorylation to two active triphosphates. Mathematical modeling has provided important insights for characterizing hepatitis C virus (HCV) RNA decline and estimating in vivo effectiveness of antiviral agents; however, it has not been used(More)
The current paradigm for studying hepatitis C virus (HCV) dynamics in patients utilizes a standard viral dynamic model that keeps track of uninfected (target) cells, infected cells, and virus. The model does not account for the dynamics of intracellular viral replication, which is the major target of direct-acting antiviral agents (DAAs). Here we describe(More)
The application of digital technologies to culture history preservation and interpretation is a rapidly growing field that has captured the imagination of many. In this work, we explore the application of image classification systems for use in the reconstruction of archaeologically excavated 18th and 19th-century ceramic fragments. In specific, we(More)
BACKGROUND Chemoprophylaxis against falciparum malaria is recommended for travellers from non-endemic countries to malarious destinations, but debate continues on benefit, especially with regard to mefloquine. Quantification of benefit for travellers from the United Kingdom (UK) was modelled to assist clinical and public health decision making. METHODS(More)
The workshop on Three Rs Approaches in the Production and Quality Control of Fish Vaccines aimed a) to identify animal tests currently stipulated for the production and quality control of fish vaccines and to highlight animal welfare concerns associated with these tests; b) to identify viable options to replace, reduce, and refine animal use for fish(More)
Affective/mood disturbances have been widely described in association with central nervous system dysfunction. There have been multiple divergent viewpoints regarding the origin of these disorders, however. This is not surprising, as theories evolve in relation to our degree of technological advancement. This review describes the evolution of some of these(More)