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Deletion of cyclooxygenase (COX)-2 causes impairment of kidney development, including hypothrophic glomeruli and cortical thinning. A critical role for COX-2 is seen 4-8 days postnatally. The present study was aimed at answering whether different COX-2 gene dosage and partial pharmacological COX-2 inhibition impairs kidney development. We studied kidney(More)
We investigated mechanisms of reproductive isolation in livebearing fishes (genus Poecilia) inhabiting sulfidic and nonsulfidic habitats in three replicate river drainages. Although sulfide spring fish convergently evolved divergent phenotypes, it was unclear if mechanisms of reproductive isolation also evolved convergently. Using microsatellites, we found(More)
Gold nanoshells (AuNSs) are currently being investigated as nanocarriers for drug delivery systems and have both diagnostic and therapeutic applications, including photothermal ablation, hyperthermia, drug delivery, and diagnostic imaging, particularly in oncology. AuNSs are valuable for their localized surface plasmon resonance, biocompatibility, low(More)
The recent discovery of a population of highly sulphide-adapted mollies in the sulphide springs of Ojos del Azufre ‘La Gloria’, in Chiapas, Mexico has prompted various questions concerning their potential evolutionary uniqueness. Because of their phenotypic similarity they have been linked to the endemic and highly endangered sulphur molly (Poecilia(More)
Ecological speciation assumes reproductive isolation to be the product of ecologically based divergent selection. Beside natural selection, sexual selection via phenotype-assortative mating is thought to promote reproductive isolation. Using the neotropical fish Poecilia mexicana from a system that has been described to undergo incipient ecological(More)
Platelets are well known for their role in hemostasis and are also increasingly recognized for their roles in the innate immune system during inflammation and their regulation of macrophage activation. Here, we aimed to study the influence of platelets on the production of inflammatory mediators by monocytes and macrophages. Analyzing cocultures of(More)
This is a study integrating Second Life (SL) and the currere approach to develop a virtual curriculum demonstration. The overarching purposes of this study were to understand the perceptions, self-reflection, self-understanding and educational growth of graduate students in education toward teaching and learning in a virtual interdisciplinary curriculum.(More)
Deficiency of cyclooxygenase-2 (COX-2) activity in the early postnatal period causes impairment of kidney development leading to kidney insufficiency. We hypothesize that impaired NaCl reabsorption during the first days of life is a substantial cause for nephrogenic defects observed in COX-2-/- mice and that salt supplementation corrects these defects.(More)
This study investigates the neural mechanisms of mood induced modulation of cognition, specifically, on reality monitoring abilities. Reality monitoring is the ability to accurately distinguish the source of self-generated information from externally-presented contextual information. When participants were in a positive mood, compared to a neutral mood,(More)