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Grouping is an attractive interaction metaphor for users to create reference collections of Web resources they are interested in. Each grouping activity has a certain semantics: things which were previously unrelated are now connected with others via the group. We present the GroupMe! application which allows users to group and arrange multime-dia Web(More)
In the last few years, Twitter has become a powerful tool for publishing and discussing information. Yet, content exploration in Twitter requires substantial effort. Users often have to scan information streams by hand. In this paper, we approach this problem by means of faceted search. We propose strategies for inferring facets and facet values on Twitter(More)
The use of social media has been rapidly increasing in the last years. Social media, such as Twitter, has become an important source of information for a variety of people. The public availability of data describing some of these social networks has led to a great deal of research in this area. Link prediction, user classification and community detection(More)
Location-based services usually recommend new locations based on the user's current location or a given destination. However, human mobility involves to a large extent routine behavior and visits to already visited locations. In this paper, we show how daily and weekly routines can be modeled with basic prediction techniques. We compare the methods based on(More)
—This paper presents a text simplification method that transforms complex sentences into simplified forms. Our method uses NLP-techniques to simplify the text based on the target audience context, improving its overall understandabil-ity. We evaluate our approach in two aspects: grammatical structure and understandability. In both aspects, our approach(More)
Over the last decade blogs became an important part of the Web, where people can announce anything that is on their mind. Due to their high popularity blogs have great potential to mine public opinions regarding products. Such knowledge is very valuable as it could be used to adjust marketing campaigns or advertisement of products accordingly. In this paper(More)
Heterogeneous content is an inherent problem for cross-system search, recommendation and personalization. In this paper we investigate differences in topic coverage and the impact of topics in different kinds of Web services. We use entity extraction and categorization to create fingerprints that allow for meaningful comparison. As a basis taxonomy, we use(More)
The most important goal for digital libraries is to ensure high quality search experience for all kinds of users. To attain this goal, it is necessary to have as much relevant metadata as possible at hand to assess the quality of publications. Recently, a new group of metrics appeared, that has the potential to raise the quality of publication metadata to(More)