Patrick Siarry

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A new global optimization algorithm for functions of many continuous variables is presented, derived from the basic Simulated annealing method. Our main contribution lies in dealing with high-dimensionality minimization problems, which are often difficult to solve by all known minimization methods with or without gradient. In this article we take a special(More)
This paper proposes PSACO (particle swarm ant colony optimization) algorithm for highly non-convex optimization problems. Both particle swarm optimization (PSO) and ant colony optimization (ACO) are co-operative, population-based global search swarm intelligence metaheuristics. PSO is inspired by social behavior of bird flocking or fish schooling, while ACO(More)
Metaheuristics are widely recognized as efficient approaches for many hard optimization problems. This paper provides a survey of some of the main metaheuristics. It outlines the components and concepts that are used in various metaheuristics in order to analyze their similarities and differences. The classification adopted in this paper differentiates(More)
A new algorithm called Enhanced Continuous Tabu Search (ECTS) is proposed for the global optimization of multiminima functions. It results from an adaptation of combinatorial Tabu Search which aims to follow, as close as possible, Glover's basic approach. In order to cover a wide domain of possible solutions, our algorithm ®rst performs the diversi®cation:(More)
This paper presents a new clustering approach based on the combinatorial particle swarm optimization (CPSO) algorithm. Each particle is represented as a string of length n (where n is the number of data points) the ith element of the string denotes the group number assigned to object i. An integer vector corresponds to a candidate solution to the clustering(More)
Genetic algorithms are stochastic search approaches based on randomized operators, such as selection, crossover and mutation, inspired by the natural reproduction and evolution of the living creatures. However, few published works deal with their application to the global optimization of functions depending on continuous variables. A new algorithm called(More)