Patrick Shaffer

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Adsorption of aqueous thiocyanate ions from bulk solution to the liquid/vapor interface was measured as a function of temperature by resonant UV second harmonic generation spectroscopy. The resulting adsorption enthalpy and entropy changes of this prototypical chaotrope were both determined to be negative. This surprising result is supported by molecular(More)
Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) is especially useful for rapid optimization of problems involving multiple objectives and constraints in dynamic environments. It regularly and substantially outperforms other algorithms in benchmark tests. This paper describes research leading to the application of PSO to the autonomous asset management problem in(More)
People with visual impairments face a variety of obstacles in their daily lives. Recent work has identified specific physical privacy concerns of this population and explored how emerging technology , such as wearable devices, could help. In this study we investigated their physical safety and security concerns and behaviors by conducting interviews (N=19)(More)
"Be careful what you measure" is a management adage that applies to Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) and is especially important with Humans in the Swarm. PSO has been applied to the autonomous asset management problem in electronic warfare where the speed provides fast optimization of frequency allocations for receivers and jammers in highly complex and(More)
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