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Recent reports of increased tolerance to artemisinin derivatives--the most recently adopted class of antimalarials--have prompted a need for new treatments. The spirotetrahydro-beta-carbolines, or spiroindolones, are potent drugs that kill the blood stages of Plasmodium falciparum and Plasmodium vivax clinical isolates at low nanomolar concentration.(More)
The DNA uptake of naturally competent bacteria has been attributed to the action of DNA uptake machineries resembling type IV pilus complexes. However, the protein(s) for pulling the DNA across the outer membrane of Gram-negative bacteria remain speculative. Here we show that the competence protein ComEA binds incoming DNA in the periplasm of naturally(More)
UNLABELLED The physiological state of natural competence for transformation allows certain bacteria to take up free DNA from the environment and to recombine such newly acquired DNA into their chromosomes. However, even though conserved components that are required to undergo natural transformation have been identified in several naturally competent(More)
Nuclear magnetic resonance studies of mitochondria isolated from ischemic hearts after coronary vessel occlusion indicated a decrease in water proton relaxation times. This change coincided with a decrease in the hydration of the samples. It is suggested that in ischemia, changes in macromolecular hydration may be one of the first mechanisms to alter(More)
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