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Many insects are known to use the terrestrial visual panorama for navigation. Research suggests that large-scale panoramic properties are often used for orientation rather than individual objects, usually called landmarks. We degraded the natural panorama encountered by Australian red honey ants, Melophorus bagoti, to test how robust their orientation based(More)
In addition to foraging individually several species of ants guide nestmates to a goal by tandem running. We found that the Australian ant, Camponotus consobrinus, forages both individually and by tandem running to head to the same goal, nest-specific native Australian trees on which they forage. While paths of solitary foragers and initial paths of tandem(More)
The authors neglected to cite a published thesis that investigated a related aspect of tandem running in the same study species. This additional reference is listed below as reference 1, and should appear in the text as below. In the Introduction section, " Tandem running is a recruitment strategy that ants use to guide nestmates to new nest locations and(More)
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