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Avanços metodológicos na avaliação da qualidade da forragem conservada
ABSTRACT - The suitable evaluation of nutritional value of forages depends on the adoption of appropriatemethodologies. Forage quality is highly dependent of fermentation products, in case of silage,Expand
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Aditivos químicos e biológicos na ensilagem de cana-de-açúcar: 1. composição química das silagens, ingestão, digestibilidade e comportamento ingestivo
The effect of the addition of additives in the ensiling of sugar cane (Saccharum officinarum L.) on chemical composition of silages, ingestive behavior, voluntary feed intake and digestibility byExpand
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Influência da utilização de aditivos químicos no perfil da fermentação, no valor nutritivo e nas perdas de silagens de cana-de-açúcar
The objective of this trial was to evaluate the effects of chemical additives in the dry matter losses, fermentation profile, and nutritive value of sugar cane silages. The trial was carried out in aExpand
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Novos aditivos microbianos na ensilagem da cana-de-açúcar: composição bromatológica, perdas fermentativas, componentes voláteis e estabilidade aeróbia
In this study, the inclusion of Lactobacillus brevis + Enterococcus faecium + L. plantarum was compared to the inoculation with a commercial additive containing strains of Lactobacillus buchneri andExpand
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Perdas fermentativas e composição bromatológica da entrecasca de palmito pupunha ensilada com aditivos químicos
Feeding animals with agro-residues may reduce costs and environmental concerns. The agroindustrial wastes used as ruminant feeding are an alternative for ambient problems caused by it accumulation.Expand
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Efeito do emurchecimento e do inoculante bacteriano sobre a qualidade da silagem de capim Tanzânia e o desempenho de novilhas - DOI: 10.4025/actascianimsci.v28i4.600
The objective was to study the e ffect of particle size, dry matter content and the addition of bacterial inoculant to the ensiling of Tanzania grass ( Panicum maximum , Jacq. cv. Tanzânia) on theExpand
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Silagem de cana-de-açúcar comparada a fontes tradicionais de volumosos suplementares no desempenho de vacas de alta produção
The experiment was carried out to evaluate the performance of high produce animals fed rations with different sources of forage, what resulted in the treatment: fresh sugarcane (SC), sugarcane silageExpand
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Tratamento do feno de braquiária pelo fungo Pleurotus ostreatus
The innoculation of forages with lignocellulolytic fungi is an option for improving quality without adding chemical products. Substrate quality influences fungal activity and endproduct quality. TheExpand
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