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Active Appearance Models (AAMs) are widely used to fit shape models to new images. Recently it has been demonstrated that non-linear regression methods and sequences of AAMs can significantly improve performance over the original linear formulation. In this paper we focus on the ability of a model trained on one dataset to gen-eralise to other sets with(More)
The Active Appearance Model (AAM) provides an efficient method for localizing objects that vary in both shape and texture, and uses a linear regressor to predict updates to model parameters based on current image residuals. This study investigates using additive (or 'boosted') predictors, both linear and non-linear, as a substitute for the linear predictor(More)
High-pressure is a key feature of deep subsurface environments. High partial pressure of dissolved gasses plays an important role in microbial metabolism, because thermodynamic feasibility of many reactions depends on the concentration of reactants. For gases, this is controlled by their partial pressure, which can exceed 1 MPa at in situ conditions.(More)
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