Patrick Sébastian

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This study evaluated a self-rated instrument for assessing perceived craving, mood, energy, and health levels in patients who are withdrawing from cocaine addiction. The instrument consisted of four 20-centimeter line scales. Twenty-five patients in a 28-day inpatient addictions treatment unit were chosen at random points in their treatment and given a(More)
BACKGROUND The study describes the estimation of the spatial distribution of questing nymphal tick densities by investigating Ixodes ricinus in Southwest Germany as an example. The production of high-resolution maps of questing tick densities is an important key to quantify the risk of tick-borne diseases. Previous I. ricinus maps were based on quantitative(More)
Fifteen male veteran cocaine addicts took simple tests of cocaine craving, mood, energy, and perceived health status for 23 consecutive days during an inpatient treatment center. Results show they experienced very little cocaine craving or other symptomatology. Multiple regression analyses show that health rating alone was the best predictor of cocaine(More)
The aim of this study was to get an overview about the occurrence of bacteria from the genus Ehrlichia and Rickettsia in ixodid ticks with medical importance in Argentina. Therefore, in 2013 and 2014, free-living ticks were collected in different provinces of northern Argentina. These ticks were determined as Amblyomma sculptum, Amblyomma neumanni,(More)
In this paper, the embodiment design of an air conditioning system (ACS) in an aircraft is investigated using interval constraint satisfaction techniques. The detailed ACS model is quite complex to solve, since it contains many coupled variables and many constraints corresponding to complex physics phenomena. Some new heuristics and notions based on(More)
– The design of an airconditioning system for a commercial aircraft, which functions in various life cycle stages, proves difficult because atmospheric conditions differ greatly according to the flight phase. This paper proposes the use of constraint programming in the exploration of design spaces and the search for feasible embodiments. This approach(More)
Classical conditioning principles offer a nondrug way to treat cocaine dependence. Eleven male subjects with the primary diagnosis of cocaine dependence were placed into one of two groups. The experimental group was asked to handle $500 cash in a mock budgetary task. The control group was asked to just imagine handling and budgeting the money. The subjects(More)
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