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For validly analyzing human visual attention, it is often necessary to proceed from computer-based desktop set-ups to more natural real-world settings. However, the resulting loss of control has to be counterbalanced by increasing participant and/or item count. Together with the effort required to manually annotate the gaze-cursor videos recorded with(More)
Acetylcholinesterase (AChE) inhibitors are widely used as pesticides and drugs. Their primary effect is the overstimulation of cholinergic receptors which results in an improper muscular function. During vertebrate embryonic development nerve activity and intracellular downstream events are critical for the regulation of muscle fiber formation. Whether AChE(More)
Classic techniques for navigation and selection such as Image-Plane and World in Miniature have been around for more than 20 years. In the course of a seminar on interaction in virtual reality we reconsidered five methods for navigation and two for selection. These methods were significantly extended by the use of up-to-date hardware such as finger-tracking(More)
Oil pollution from various sources, including exploration, production and transportation, is a growing global concern. The highest toxicity of hydrocarbon pollutants is associated with the water-soluble phase compounds, including naphthenic acids, a known component found in all hydrocarbon deposits. Recently, naphthenic acids (NAs) have shown estrogenic and(More)
Gaze-based interaction in virtual reality promises to have interactional advantages , but the current state-of-art is still faced with usability issues. Two of them, the decrease in accuracy (drifts) under continuous usage, e.g. due to slippages of the gear, and the obtrusive standard calibration procedure are addressed in this work. We propose a new(More)
Intelligent personal assistance systems for manual tasks may support users on multiple levels. A general function is guiding the visual attention of the user towards the item relevant for the next action. This is a challenging task, as the user may be in arbitrary positions and orientations relative to the target. Optical see-through head-mounted-displays(More)
Software engineering is hampered by the fact that software systems quickly become so complex that they are hard to understand, evolve and maintain. Closer integration of code and model helps, because the model serves as a map to the code and the code fills in the details for the model. Simultaneously, one avoids consistency problems. TUBE, a programming(More)