Patrick Reinhardt

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Identification of the factors which impact on the transmission of human immunodeficiency virus type 1 (HIV-1) from an infected mother to her infant is essential for the development of effective strategies to prevent perinatal HIV-1 infection. The current study was designed to determine if unstimulated human neonatal cord blood mononuclear cells (CBMC)(More)
In these studies, neonatal C.B-17 severe combined immunodeficient (nSCID) mice were reconstituted with human cord blood leukocytes (hu-CBLs). The resulting hu-CBL-nSCID mice contained readily detectable human CD3+ T lymphocytes and CD20+ human B cells, and produced substantial levels of human IgM and IgG (including all subclasses). Human cells persisted in(More)
Ferrimagnetic rare earth – transition metal Tb–Fe alloy thin films exhibit a variety of different magnetic properties, which depend strongly on composition and temperature. In this study, first the influence of the film thickness (5–85 nm) on the sample magnetic properties was investigated in a wide composition range between 15 and 38 at.% of Tb. From our(More)
There is no universal approach for the routing problem in mobile ad hoc networks: Depending on mobility or data traffic patterns, resource constraints, environmental conditions or delivery requirements in terms of reliability, latencies or available bandwidth, protocol designs and optimizations focus on different aspects. Changes in the usage context have(More)
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