Patrick Reich

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Sudden cardiac death due to ventricular fibrillation is the leading cause of fatality in the industrially developed world. A considerable body of evidence indicates that the higher nervous system modifies electrical activity of the heart and may trigger sudden death. The evidence for increased risk for ventricular fibrillation due to psychophysiologic(More)
Pragmatic, empirical methods are available for the diagnosis and treatment of narcolepsy. Diagnosis can be based on the history of specific symptoms; a questionnaire scale can reliably confirm sleepiness, while performance tests and other laboratory procedures may illuminate the clinical picture when the diagnosis is unclear. A treatment program includes(More)
Systemic mastocytosis is a disease characterized by an excessive accumulation of mast cells, and associated with skin lesions, flushing, diarrhea, tachycardia, and psychiatric manifestations. In order to define more clearly the psychiatric manifestations, ten patients with this disorder underwent unstructured psychiatric interviews and a battery of(More)
Four married patients are reported who first manifested pedophilia and other signs of disinhibition after sustaining illnesses that led to cognitive impairments. Although pedophilia may often be related to a long-standing inadequacy of sexual functioning, the onset of pedophilia in an individual without a previous histroy of sexual perversion may indicate(More)
A sleep clinic was founded within a general hospital psychiatry service. A practical approach toward sleep problems included: flexible diagnostic investigations; descriptive, imprecise diagnostic categories; and symptomatic treatment measures. A summary of 100 consecutive patients with chronic insomnia is presented to illustrate this approach. Of 36(More)
In critically reviewing the sources of evidence connecting psyche and brain with the immune system, the authors include a brief review of current knowledge of the immune system, its interactions with the neuroendocrine system, and other factors influencing its regulation. These include developmental stages, aging, rhythmicity, and a variety of exogenous(More)
Long-term survivors of cardiac arrest may suffer from mild cerebral impairment manifested primarily by personality changes and behavioral symptoms that can be mistaken for emotional responses to illness. The authors report six cases that illustrate the clinical problem of differentiating depression from organic brain dysfunction in this population. The(More)