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On Foursquare, one of the currently most popular location-based social networks, users can not only share which places (venues) they visit but also leave short comments (tips) about their previous experiences at specific venues. Tips may provide a valuable feedback for business owners as well as for potential new customers. Sentiment or polarity(More)
We consider a model-based approach to clustering, whereby each observation is assumed to have arisen from an underlying mixture of a nite number of distributions. The number of components in this mixture model corresponds to the number of clusters to be imposed on the data. A common assumption is to take the component distributions to be multivariate normal(More)
In location-based social networks, such as Foursquare, users may post tips with their opinions about visited places. Tips may directly impact the behavior of future visitors, providing valuable feedback to business owners. Sentiment or polarity detection has attracted great attention due to its vast applicability in opinion summarization, ranking or(More)
The ever-increasing usage of Social Medias, like Twitter, have enabled companies and public personalities to communicate and to influence their public. However, how to analyze and measure something as subjective as interpersonal influences? This paper presents a methodology for measuring and to analyze how Twitter's posts (tweets) can influence their(More)
In this paper, a method for detection of propagating features in wide-area system measurements through its traveling and standing parts is proposed, where the relationship between complex modes and wave motion is explored. From an ensemble of complex signals, a complex correlation matrix is formed, and its real and complex eigensolutions are the basis of(More)
Pulmonary tuberculosis is a serious public health problem in Brazil. Data were collected relating to the patients' health before diagnosis and also to the time lag between this diagnosis and the beginning of specific treatment over a period of three months. Fifty patients suffering from pulmonary tuberculosis were questioned about: symptomatology before(More)
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