Patrick Powers

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BACKGROUND Imaging of gas distribution in the lungs of patients with asthma has been restricted because of the lack of a suitable gaseous contrast agent. Hyperpolarized helium-3 (HHe3) provides a new technique for magnetic resonance imaging of lung diseases. OBJECTIVE We sought to investigate the use of HHe3 gas to image the lungs of patients with(More)
In spring 2007, HIMSS Analytics began developing its first Canada Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Study. Less than one year later, 38 RHAs, DHAs and HAs are already on board, with some 20 more scheduled to participate by year's end. Why are so many Canadian provincial healthcare delivery organizations now participating in HIMSS Analytics'(More)
Nova Scotia's healthcare policy direction seems well-defined and well-established for the foreseeable future. This is the case, despite the recent electoral transition from a Progressive Conservative to a New Democratic Party government for the first time in the province's history; and despite the threat of the province's net direct debt increasing through(More)
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