Patrick Poullet

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ERM (Ezrin-Radixin-Moesin) proteins function as plasma membrane-actin cytoskeleton linkers and participate in the formation of specialized domains of the plasma membrane. We have investigated ezrin function in tubulogenesis of a kidney-derived epithelial cell line, LLC-PK1. Here we show that cells overproducing a mutant form of ezrin in which Tyr-353 was(More)
Guanine-nucleotide exchange is the reaction that controls the activation of H-ras p21. This reaction is stimulated by the guanine-nucleotide exchange factor. In this study we show that H-ras p21 harboring guanine ring binding domain (the conserved NKXD motif) mutations, such as N116I or K117E, are potent inhibitors of H-ras p21 guanine-nucleotide exchange(More)
Two members of the mitogen-activated protein kinase (MAPK) family have been previously characterized in Plasmodium falciparum, but in vitro attempts at identifying MAP kinase kinase (MAPKK) homologues have failed. Here we report the characterization of a novel plasmodial protein kinase, PfPK7, whose top scores in blastp analysis belong to the MAPKK3/6(More)
Curation and interpretation of protein databank-search results by human experts are key aspects of MS-based proteomic data acquisition. These tasks are often overlooked due to the vast amount of data to inspect. We have developed myProMS, a web server designed to ease search results validation and interpretation by improving data organization, mining and(More)
The coordination of the several pathways involved in cell motility is poorly understood. Here, we identify SH3BP1, belonging to the RhoGAP family, as a partner of the exocyst complex and establish a physical and functional link between two motility-driving pathways, the Ral/exocyst and Rac signaling pathways. We show that SH3BP1 localizes together with the(More)
Precision medicine (PM) requires the delivery of individually adapted medical care based on the genetic characteristics of each patient and his/her tumor. The last decade witnessed the development of high-throughput technologies such as microarrays and next-generation sequencing which paved the way to PM in the field of oncology. While the cost of these(More)
Ezrin, a membrane-cytoskeleton linker, is required for cell morphogenesis, motility, and survival through molecular mechanisms that remain to be elucidated. Using the N-terminal domain of ezrin as a bait, we found that p125 focal adhesion kinase (FAK) interacts with ezrin. We show that the two proteins coimmunoprecipitate from cultured cell lysates.(More)
MOTIVATION Genome-wide functional annotation either by manual or automatic means has raised considerable concerns regarding the accuracy of assignments and the reproducibility of methodologies. In addition, a performance evaluation of automated systems that attempt to tackle sequence analyses rapidly and reproducibly is generally missing. In order to(More)
In Saccharomyces cerevisiae, the product of the CDC25 gene controls the RAS-mediated production of adenosine 3',5'-monophosphate (cAMP). In vivo the carboxyl-terminal third of the CDC25 gene product is sufficient for the activation of adenylate cyclase. The 3'-terminal part of SCD25, a gene of S. cerevisiae structurally related to CDC25, can suppress the(More)
We have previously shown that the detection of gene fusion events can contribute towards the elucidation of functional associations of proteins within entire genomes. Here we have analysed the entire genome of Drosophila melanogaster using fusion analysis and two additional constraints that improve the reliability of the predictions, viz. low sequence(More)