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This paper is focused on the design and the realization of two high-current probes (up to 100 A) whose bandwidths range from dc to 50 MHz. The performance has been met by the association of an active Hall sensor and a passive current transformer. This association will be named an "active current transformer". It will be shown that it has better frequency(More)
This paper focuses on the design and fabrication issues of a silicon-based, vibration powered, electric energy generator. Its architecture is based on the parallel plate configuration. It uses electrostatic damping of variable MEMS capacitor as the energy converting mechanism. Variable capacitance is achieved by in-plane movement of the top electrode. Hence(More)
MEMS oscillators offer interesting prospects in terms of performance. Behavioural modelling in Verilog-A and phase noise simulation can help improving the current performances. The proposed macro-model permits multi-physic simulations including mechanical, piezoelectric and electrical analytic descriptions. Phase noise analysis are then performed with this(More)
In this paper, design, fabrication and characterization issues of a bulk silicon-based, vibration powered, electric energy generator are addressed. The converter is based on an In-Plane Overlap Plate (IPOP) configuration [1]. Measurements have shown that with a theoretically lossless electronics and a starting voltage of 5 V, power density of 58 μW/cm is(More)
Due to scaling laws, in microfluidic, flows are laminar. Consequently, mixing between two liquids is mainly obtained by natural diffusion which may take a long time or equivalently requires centimetre length channels. To reduce time and length for mixing, it is possible to generate chaotic-like flows either by modifying the channel geometry or by creating(More)
This paper proposes a reader antenna, improving the inductive coupling with a small coil whatever its position or orientation against the reader antenna. Sub-coils are inserted and the turn number is optimized in order to improve efficiency of the inductive coupling in the case of HF RFID volume detection in keeping constant the magnetic energy generated by(More)
This paper presents a technique to integrate a die containing an electro-mechanical component on a passive integration connecting substrate (PICS) using a polymer-sealing ring. The active die is also used as a capping substrate and the polymer ring acts as a bonding and sealing material. Two polymers are tested, the Benzocyclobutene (BCB) and the SU-8. The(More)
Optical actuation and detection of MEMS resonators can improve the resolution of their motion detection compared to standard detection techniques (capacitive, piezoelectric). In this paper, a behavioral model of MEMS resonator with optical actuation and detection and the associated oscillator circuit are presented and used to determine its performances.
This paper aims to evaluate Tenax TA in the form of thin films as an adsorbent material as an alternative to its solid form counterpart (granular form) for micro-preconcentrators. The micro preconcentrator (μPC) consists of embedded high-aspect-ratio three-dimensional micro-pillars coated with Tenax adsorbent. This μPC has inner dimensions of(More)