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The plasma-based aerosol process developed for the direct coating of particles in gases with silicon oxide in a continuous chemical vapor deposition (CVD) process is presented. It is shown that non-thermal plasma filaments induced in a dielectric barrier discharge (DBD) at atmospheric pressure trigger post-DBD gas phase reactions. DBD operating conditions(More)
A general procedure for the calculation of a class of two-loop Feynman diagrams is described. These are two-point functions containing three massive propagators, raised to integer powers, in the denominator, and arbitrary polynomials of the loop momenta in the numerator. The ultraviolet divergent parts are calculated analytically, while the remaining finite(More)
Bromine monoxide plays an important role in the chemistry of the polar atmosphere because of its high efficiency as a catalyst of the ozone destruction in both the stratosphere and the troposphere. In the polar boundary layer, large cyclic emissions are observed every year at spring (the so-called "bromine explosion" phenomenon), which are responsible for(More)
We present the results of the first two-loop calculation of a form factor in full SU(3)×SU(3) Chiral Perturbation Theory. We choose a specific linear combination of π, K, K and Kπ form factors (the one appearing in Sirlin’s theorem) which does not get contributions from order p operators with unknown constants. For the charge radii, the correction to the(More)
This paper describes the calculation of the semileptonic Kl3 decay form factors at order p of chiral perturbation theory which is the nextto-leading order correction to the well-known p result achieved by Gasser and Leutwyler. At order p the chiral expansion contains 1and 2-loop diagrams which are discussed in detail. The irreducible 2-loop graphs of the(More)
53 Effect of low phytate and normal phytate soybean meal varieties and corn particle size on male broiler performance and development of the gizzard and proventriculus to 21 days of age. B. Nusairat*1, R. Qudsieh1, C. R. Stark1, S. Yahav2, and J. Brake1, 1Department of Poultry Science, North Carolina State University, Raleigh, 2Institute of Animal Science,(More)
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