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The Bologna Process aims to create a European Higher Education Area by 2010, in which students can choose from a wide and transparent range of high quality courses and benefit from smooth recognition procedures. The Bologna Declaration of June 1999 has put in motion a series of reforms needed to make European Higher Education more compatible and comparable,(More)
The temperature-sensitive 1(3)ecd-1ts mutation (A. Garen, L. Kauvar, and J.A. Lepesant (1977). Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci USA 74, 5099-5103.) has been used in several laboratories to obtain Drosophila larvae deprived of moulting hormone. The development of mutants and controls during the third larval instar at permissive (20 degrees C) and restrictive(More)
The IAL-PID2 cells derived from imaginal wing discs of the last larval instar of Plodia interpunctella were responsive to 20-hydroxyecdysone (20E). These imaginal cells respond to 20E by proliferative arrest followed by a morphological differentiation. These 20E-induced late responses were inhibited in presence of juvenile hormone (JH II). From these(More)
1. Decapitating newly emerged Blaberus craniifer females near the prothorax severs connections between the suboesophageal and prothoracic ganglia, thus depriving them of the neuroendocrine cephalic complex (including brain and suboesophageal ganglion) and the anterior end of prothoracic glands (PGs). 2. As demonstrated by enzyme immunoassay (EIA), headless(More)
Hemolymph ecdysteroid titers in fifth instar larvae of Rhodnius prolixus were determined by radioimmunoassay, and their prothoracic glands were excised and examined by electron microscopy. During the last larval instar, the titer of ecdysteroid increased between the head-critical period until Day 13, at which time the peak titer was 3100 pg(More)
Injection of labelled ecdysone and 2-hydroxyecdysone into Pieris pupae showed that their catabolism proceeds through 26-hydroxylation followed by conversion into acidic steroids assumed to be 26-oic compounds. This biological system is characterized by the lack of conjugation reactions and by rather long-lived hormones. In vivo biosynthesis of ecdysteroids(More)
By using horseradish peroxydase (HRP) as a tracer, it is shown that the gonial region of the locust testis is an "open" compartment which is almost always freely penetrated by the tracer. During the last larval instar, however, the penetration of HRP decreases and ceases at the time when high levels of ecdysteroids are detected in the haemolymph by(More)
The ecdysone titre in the hemolymph during the two last instars of P. megistus was studied by radio-immunology technique. Changes observed are very similar in both instars. Two peaks of inequal amplitude are present. The first, always lower than the second, occurs at 1/3 of the intermoult whereas the second, distinctly higher, is observed at 2/3 period of(More)
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