Patrick Pitts

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The effects of coral zonation on reef fish distribution and abundance patterns were investigated by estimating and comparing the population densities of 32 common reef fishes at different sites in each of four broadly defined reef zones within a Bahamian coral reef environment. Community structure was found to be significantly more similar at different(More)
Shift registers, linear and nonlinear, can be regarded as a subclass of neural nets, 1 and, therefore, the results of the general theory of neural nets apply to them, not vice versa. A useful technique for investigating neural nets is provided by the state transition matrix. We shall apply it to shift-register networks. The notation will be the same as that(More)
There exists some uncertainty about the hazards which the quenching of a superconducting magnet would present to a subject undergoing an NMR examination. To investigate this problem, a 1.6-T whole-body magnet was quenched with an anesthetized pig lying in the bore. This paper reports our findings which, in the circumstances of this experiment, suggest that(More)
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