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This article presents a device for the study of physisorbed elements on polished surfaces (diameter ⩽56 mm) of the kind used in mass metrology. The technique is based on mass spectrometry of molecules desorbed after heating under vacuum of the analyzed surface. We describe a first application of the device to study current and future mass standards in order(More)
This article describes an instrument for the measurement of the mirage effect as a tool to determine the molar adsorption per unit surface area Y(1) of condensable solvents in the presence of a non-condensable carrier gas. The present apparatus is a much improved version of previous prototypes developed in our laboratory and elsewhere with a higher surface(More)
This paper presents a preliminary analysis for designing a force comparator to be used in the French watt balance experiment. The first stage of this experiment consists in a static equilibrium, by means of a mechanical beam balance, between a gravitational force (a weight of an artefact having a known mass submitted to the acceleration due to the gravity)(More)
A new device has been developed for the study of physisorbed elements on polished and large surface used in mass metrology. This technique, based on the analysis by mass spectrometry of desorbed molecules caused by heating under vacuum from the analyzed surface, is presented. The first application of this device is the study of the current and future mass(More)
This paper describes the mechanical and electrical modifications carried out on the LNE watt balance to reduce the noise level associated with the static phase. The mechanical improvements concern the home-made balance beam using flexure hinges as pivots of the force comparator. The electrical improvements involve the source used to servo-control the(More)
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