Patrick Petzsch

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Nine potential (fatty) alcohol dehydrogenase genes and one alcohol oxidase gene were identified in Yarrowia lipolytica by comparative sequence analysis. All relevant genes were deleted in Y. lipolytica H222ΔP which is lacking β-oxidation. Resulting transformants were tested for their ability to accumulate ω-hydroxy fatty acids and dicarboxylic acids in the(More)
Microbial dissimilatory sulfate reduction is commonplace in many anaerobic environments, though few acidophilic bacteria are known to mediate this process. We report the 4.64-Mb draft genome of the type strain of the moderate acidophile Desulfosporosinus acididurans, which was isolated from acidic sediment in a river draining the Soufrière volcano,(More)
We report the draft genome of the Peptococcaceae strain CEB3 that originated from an acidic (pH 2.5) stream draining an abandoned copper mine. Strain CEB3 is one of the very few reported acidophilic sulfate-reducing isolates. The 5.04-Mb draft genome harbors 5,069 predicted protein-encoding and 66 RNA genes.
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