Patrick O’leary

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This review paper seeks to explore some of the reasons why rehabilitation programs for male perpetrators of domestic violence appear to be less effective in reducing recidivism than programs for other offender groups. It is argued that while the model of systems response to domestic violence has predominated at the inter-agency level, further consideration(More)
The study examined whether and how characteristics of childhood sexual abuse and disclosure influenced three dimensions of psychosexual functioning—emotional, behavioral and evaluative—during adulthood. The sample included 165 adults who were sexually abused as children. The General Estimating Equation was used to test the relationship among the predictors,(More)
Peroxiredoxin-1 (PRDX1) is a multifunctional protein, acting as a hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) scavenger, molecular chaperone and immune modulator. Although differential PRDX1 expression has been described in many tumors, the potential role of PRDX1 in breast cancer remains highly ambiguous. Using a comprehensive antibody-based proteomics approach, we(More)
Due to power and I/O constraints associated with extreme scale scientific simulations, in situ visualization and analysis to will become a critical component to scientific discovery. The options for extreme scale visualization and analysis are often presented as a stark contrast: write files to disk for interactive, exploratory analysis, or perform in situ(More)
We present a pair of open-recipe, affordably-priced, easy-to-integrate, and easy-to-use visualization systems. The IQ-wall is an ultra-resolution tiled display wall that scales up to 24 screens with a single PC. The IQ-station is a semi-immersive display system that utilizes commodity stereoscopic displays, lower cost tracking systems, and touch overlays.(More)
Large-scale visualization technologies provide added visual benefits for visualizations, such as increased resolution, the computational facilities to handle data at scale, and, in the case of immersive visualization, depth information or motion cues provided by head-tracking. However, adoption of large-scale visualization technologies is impeded by several(More)
Numerous transgenic models have been generated to study breast cancer. However, despite many advantages, traditional transgenic models for breast cancer are also burdened with difficulties in early detection and longitudinal observation of transgene-induced tumours, which in most cases are randomly located and occur at various time points. Methods such as(More)
Mathematics is the core language of science, and for centuries it was necessary to show the mathematical underpinnings of new research as part of scientific explorations. This lingua franca provided an essential level of understandability and precision; providing for unambiguous communication and rigorous verification of scientific claims beyond the(More)
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