Patrick O'Shea

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We show that a frequency-resolved optical gating device using (1) a thick nonlinear crystal to replace the usual thin crystal and spectrometer and (2) a Fresnel biprism to replace the beam splitter and delay line yields a remarkably simple single-shot ultrashort-pulse intensity-and-phase measurement device with no sensitive alignment parameters and(More)
Cross-correlation frequency-resolved optical gating with an angle-dithered nonlinear-optical crystal permits measurement of the intensity and the phase of the ultrabroadband (as much as 1200 nm wide) continuum generated from microstructure optical fiber. Retrieval revealed fine-scale structure in the continuum spectrum. Simulations and single-shot spectrum(More)
Numerical simulations are used to study the temporal and spectral characteristics of broadband supercontinua generated in photonic crystal fiber. In particular, the simulations are used to follow the evolution with propagation distance of the temporal intensity, the spectrum, and the cross-correlation frequency resolved optical gating (XFROG) trace. The(More)
We show that the spatio-temporal distortion, pulse-front tilt, is naturally, easily, and sensitively measured by the recently demonstrated, extremely simple variation of single-shot second-harmonic generation frequency-resolved optical gating (SHG FROG): GRENOUILLE. While GRENOUILLE traces are ordinarily centered on the zero of delay, a pulse with(More)
This paper demonstrates the principle of two-photon surface wave microscopy with a view to applications on biological samples. We describe a modified scanning optical microscope, which uses specially prepared coverslips. These coverslips are designed to support the propagation of surface waves capable of large field enhancements. We also discuss the beam(More)
We show that the spatio-temporal distortion, spatial chirp, is naturally and easily measured by single-shot versions of second-harmonic generation frequency-resolved optical gating (SHG FROG) (including the extremely simple version, GRENOUILLE);. While SHG FROG traces are ordinarily symmetrical, a pulse with spatial chirp yields a trace with a shear that is(More)
Carbapenems are a mainstay of treatment for infections caused by Pseudomonas aeruginosa. Carbapenem resistance mediated by metallo-β-lactamases (MBLs) remains uncommon in the United States, despite the worldwide emergence of this group of enzymes. Between March 2012 and May 2013, we detected MBL-producing P. aeruginosa in a university-affiliated health care(More)
We demonstrate a frequency-resolved optical gating (FROG) device that uses a sweepshot geometry that combines the advantages of multishot and single-shot pulse-measurement devices, has only one moving part, a galvanometer, and requires no computer control. Like a multishot device, it focuses the beam to a small spot (rather than a line focus) and has a high(More)