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  • P Chen, C Luo, Y Deng, K Ryan, J Register, S Margosiak +6 others
  • 2000
The checkpoint kinase Chk1 is an important mediator of cell cycle arrest following DNA damage. The 1.7 A resolution crystal structures of the human Chk1 kinase domain and its binary complex with an ATP analog has revealed an identical open kinase conformation. The secondary structure and side chain interactions stabilize the activation loop of Chk1 and(More)
A third species of peccary, discovered in the Chaco of Paraguay, is added to the living members of family Tayassuidae. It is assigned to the genus Catagonus Ameghino, heretofore considered confined to the Pleistocene. The new peccary is conspecific with Catagonus wagneri (Rusconi), a species placed in the related extinct genus Platygonus LeConte when it was(More)
OBJECTIVE Identifying substance use disorders in persons with mental illness is often difficult. In this study prevalence rates of substance use disorders among state psychiatric hospital patients were obtained by six different methods: DSM-III-R substance use diagnoses and five additional strategies based on frequency of use and past substance abuse(More)
Three separate, but similar, studies are described in which the psychologic effects (depression, anxiety, and overall degree of psychosomatic distress) of nonpharmacologic treatment (relaxation and/or biofeedback training) for three kinds of chronic headache (tension, migraine, and mixed migraine and tension) were evaluated. Results showed consistently(More)
BACKGROUND This study examined the effect of anxiety on symptom reduction through a behavioral medicine intervention in a Mind/Body Medicine Clinic. METHOD Participants were 1,312 outpatients attending a 10-week behavioral medicine intervention which included training in the relaxation response, cognitive restructuring, exercise and nutrition. All of the(More)
Low back pain (LBP), a common illness that may progress to chronic disability, costs many billions for care, lost work, and compensation. Conventional medicine does not effectively restore chronic LBP patients to work; multidisciplinary rehabilitation does, but limited or delayed access risks unnecessary costs, additional morbidity, and permanent(More)
Morphologists and systematists have long suspected that dietary consistency can affect skull and dental form in mammals. We examined plasticity of skull shape and tooth morphology in prairie deer mice (Peromyscus maniculatus bairdii) by feeding mice diets that differed in consistency but not nutritional quality. Shape differences were analyzed qualitatively(More)
A patient with histopathologically verified sporadic Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (CJD) presented initially with diplopia, sleep disturbances, and L-dopa-responsive parkinsonism. After more than a year of slow progression, he did not become demented, and failed to fulfill the clinical criteria for possible CJD. No clinical examinations currently proposed to(More)