Patrick O'Donnell

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Introductory programming classes are renowned for their high dropout rates. The authors propose that this is because students learn to adopt a <i>fixed mindset</i> towards programming. This paper reports on a study carried out with an introductory programming class, based on Dweck's mindset research. Combinations of three interventions were carried out:(More)
Peptidylglycine-alpha-amidating monooxygenase (PAM) is a bi-functional enzyme known to catalyze the post-translational bioactivation of signaling peptides. Although PAM is highly concentrated within the cardiac atrium, this tissue does not produce appreciable amounts of alpha-amidated peptides and thus, the function of PAM in atrium remains largely unknown.(More)
The pathogenesis of bladder tumors is poorly understood, possibly due to the lack of a suitable experimental model that is drug-free. The aim of the present study was to determine whether bladder tumors could be reproduced reliably in portacaval anastomosis (PCS) rats and whether induction is due to urolithiasis from the development of bladder stones.(More)
BACKGROUND Many patients with circulating antibodies to human leucocyte antigens (anti-HLA) are highly sensitised against renal transplantation and are liable to immediate graft loss through hyperacute rejection. Our aim was to find out whether removal of anti-HLA immediately before renal transplantation prevented hyperacute graft rejection. METHODS 13(More)
The diagnostic and complication rates of 104 percutaneous renal biopsies performed for diffuse renal disease in native kidneys were retrospectively reviewed. Biopsies were performed by one radiologist using continuous ultrasound guidance and a 14-gauge biopsy needle in an automated gun (Biopty TM, Radiplast TM, Uppsala). 103 of 104 (99%) biopsies resulted(More)
Ectopic prostatic glands in the bulbar urethra of a sixty-year-old man were identified by an indirect immunoperoxidase stain for prostatic acid phosphatase. Cystoscopically the appearances were those of "urethritis" without the polypoid appearance previously reported in cases of ectopic prostatic tissue.
There is a considerable literature on cholesterol emboli as a cause of renal dysfunction and poor patient prognosis [1-6]. In one series of native renal biopsies of patients over the age of 65 years it was found in 10% of cases presenting with subacute renal failure [7]. When clinically apparent it has been noted to be associated with a marked decline in(More)
Key words: adenocarcinoma of stomach; fibrillary a creatinine clearance of 53 ml/min. and a 24-h urinary protein of 15 g. Autoantibodies including antineutro-glomerulonephritis phil cytoplasmic antibodies (ANCA) were negative and complements C3 and C4, immunoglobulins and serum protein electrophoresis were all normal. A renal
A symptomless submandibular mass removed from a 61-year-old white male proved to be a signet-ring microfollicular adenoma arising in ectopic thyroid tissue. The lesion was established as a primary, non-mucin producing thyroid adenoma and a diagnosis of secondary signet-ring adenocarcinoma excluded.