Patrick Nuernberger

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We review the progress in controlling quantum dynamical processes in the condensed phase with femtosecond laser pulses. Due to its high particle density the condensed phase has both high relevance and appeal for chemical synthesis. Thus, in recent years different methods have been developed to manipulate the dynamics of condensed-phase systems by changing(More)
When writing can change your life, when writing can enrich you by offering much money, why don't you try it? Are you still very confused of where getting the ideas? Do you still have no idea with what you are going to write? Now, you will need reading. A good writer is a good reader at once. You can define how you write depending on what books to read. This(More)
We report the experimental determination of the intramolecular enol-enol tautomerization rate of an unsymmetric β-diketone, benzoylacetone, with femtosecond transient absorption in the ultraviolet. Initially, there is an equilibrium of two possible enolic structures in solution, which is disturbed upon UV excitation by exciting a disproportionate fraction(More)
We report on a comprehensive transient absorption study with β,β'-linked bis[tetraphenylporphyrinato-zinc(II)] and its corresponding monomer, covering the ultrafast dynamics from femtoseconds up to several microseconds. By exciting these porphyrins either to their first (S(1)) or second (S(2)) electronically excited states and by probing the subsequent(More)
Ultrafast lasers are versatile tools used in many scientific areas, from welding to eye surgery. They are also used to coherently manipulate light-matter interactions such as chemical reactions, but so far control experiments have concentrated on cleavage or rearrangement of existing molecular bonds. Here we demonstrate the synthesis of several molecular(More)
We report on bidirectional photochemical switching of 6,8-dinitro-1',3',3'-trimethylspiro[2H-1-benzopyran-2,2'-indoline] (6,8-dinitro-BIPS) between the ring-closed spiropyran and the ring-open merocyanine form. This is studied by femtosecond three-color pump-repump-probe experiments. Both ring opening and ring closure are photoinduced. Completion of an(More)
In photoinduced molecular reaction dynamics, the effects of electronic charge redistribution can lead to multiple pathways that are determined by the nature of the initial structures involved and the environment the molecule of interest is studied in. The β-diketones are a common example of this complexity. They show keto-enol tautomerism that is almost(More)
Direct amplitude and phase shaping of mid-infrared femtosecond pulses is realized with a calomel-based acousto-optic programmable dispersive filter transparent between 0.4 and 20 μm. The shaped pulse electric field is fully characterized with high accuracy, using chirped-pulse upconversion and time-encoded arrangement spectral phase interferometry for(More)
We experimentally demonstrate the generation and characterization of polarization-shaped femtosecond laser pulses in the ultraviolet at a central wavelength of 400 nm. Near-infrared laser pulses are first polarization shaped and then frequency doubled in an interferometrically stable setup that employs two perpendicularly oriented nonlinear crystals. A new(More)
We observe that narrow spectral features in mid-infrared spectra obtained by chirped-pulse up-conversion are strongly distorted by cross-phase modulation between the mid-infrared field and the chirped pulse. We discuss the consequences of this effect on spectral resolution, and introduce a correction method that recovers masked lines. This simple correction(More)