Patrick Ngai

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Adsorption to a polymeric surface may severely alter the antigenic structure of proteins through unfolding. A conventional capture ELISA in which a protein antigen is adsorbed to the microtiter plate may be unsuitable for testing the specificity of antibodies directed against native proteins (C. Schwab and H.R. Bosshard (1992) J. Immunol. Methods 147, 125).(More)
For applications deployed in third-party datacenter environments to attain cost-effective performance, it requires precise provisioning of hardware resources such as assigning appropriate network bandwidth to an application. However, it is not always clear how much resource should be assigned to an application. In this work, we propose NBD (Network(More)
Software Defined Networking (SDN) allows the construction of virtual networks on top of a datacenter network infrastructure. However, the flexibility also increases the chance of inconsistencies in the network configurations caused by component failures, software bugs, or human errors. The inconsistencies may result in service outage or security policy(More)
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