Patrick Mullin

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A computer-administered 'interview' was developed for eliciting evidence relating to alcohol problems. Thirty-six volunteer male patients on their first visits to a specialist alcohol clinic were interviewed three times, by two psychiatrists and by the computer; information was sought about 72 pre-defined indicants concerning alcohol consumption, drinking(More)
A double blind trial of chlordiazepoxide vs. methadone in the management of the opiate withdrawal syndrome was conducted in a group of 24 regular heroin takers. Subjective and objective measures including physiological parameters were recorded to compare the severity of opiate withdrawal between the two groups. No significant difference was found in terms(More)
Newly developed all solid state catheter oxygen pressure (PO2) and pH electrodes were evaluated in dogs in respiratory acidosis and hemorrhagic shock. The electrodes were inserted into the blood vessels and thigh muscle by a percutaneous puncture technique. In animals with respiratory acidosis, arterial, venous, and intramuscular pH decreased in parallel(More)
Thirty-one chronic alcoholic patients were investigated using quantitative electrophysiological techniques. Estimates of the numbers of functioning motor units in the extensor digitorum brevis muscles and measurements of the parameters of the potentials of these units are presented along with the values for motor nerve conduction velocities in the(More)
To review the literature about MD in developed countries. A search in PubMed, EMBASE, Medline and reference lists was performed. Key words: maternal death/mortality, pregnancy death and obstetric/maternity care. Articles were selected if they reported the cause of death per livebirths, were performed in developed countries and unselected population,(More)
Five cases of acute lead poisoning resulted from the self-injection of lead and opium pills which were crushed, heated and suspended in water. Two of the five patients died of illnesses in which hepatic failure and reversible acute tubular necrosis were prominent features. One of these two had a severe neuropathy, with flaccid quadriplegia and respiratory(More)
Four patients, aged 17 to 25 years, obtained lead and opium pills which had been stolen from retail pharmacists. They crushed them, suspended them in water an injected them intravenously. They developed general malaise, vomiting and constipation, and blood tests several weeks after injection of the pills showed raised alkaline phosphatase and aspartate(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the effects of dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) supplementation on the pharmacokinetics of DHEA and its metabolites and the reproductive axis of healthy young men. DESIGN A prospective, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled pharmacokinetic study. SETTING General Clinical Research Center and laboratories at the Keck School of(More)
A syndrome of choreoathetosis in association with alcoholism has been found in 12 patients. It appeared to occur more often in women, was transient, and may have been associated with alcohol withdrawal. It was not associated with gross liver disease, phenothiazine administration, or familial chorea, and no consistent abnormalities in whole blood thiamine or(More)
Heparinless venoarterial bypass (HL-VAB) was carried out in 16 sheep for 6 days, by means of a closed circuit tubing coated with nonthrombogenic polyurethane-polyvinyl-graphite (PPG) and a roller pump. Nine experiments were completed uneventfully. Seven sheep died during bypass. The causes of death were pneumonia (2), caseous granulomatous lung abscess (3)(More)