Patrick Millot

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This paper analyzes the behavior of drivers using Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) within the theoretical framework of Human–Machine Cooperation. The study was carried out on a driving simulator. Driving task performance data and responses to a trust questionnaire were analyzed in order to examine the relationship between driver reliance on ACC and such(More)
This paper describes the development of a Virtual Camera (VC) system to improve astronaut and mission operations situation awareness while exploring other planetary bodies. It is claimed that the advanced interaction media capability of the VC can improve situation awareness as the distribution of human space exploration roles change in deep space(More)
A study of an ultrawideband frequency-modulated continuous-wave radar with an extended frequency sweep from 0.5 to 8 GHz is presented. It has been applied to through-the-wall human detection. This work presents the modeling of wall attenuation followed by real measurements. The radar system is presented, and trials of human being tracking are shown. This(More)
The increasing air traffic and the ensuing increasing burden on air traffic controllers suggest to attempt to provide enhanced assistance to air traffic controllers. As it is difficult to reduce the number of primary tasks, a solution is to give active assistance to controllers by means of computer tools that allow for optimal control in order to maintain(More)
As technical processes become more and more complex and the need to support human operators in supervision or control tasks becomes increasingly crucial, the nature of the interactions between human operators and Decision Support Systems (DSS) tends towards Human-Machine cooperation in which the DSS facilitates a partnership with the human operators. In(More)
This paper aims at presenting and discussing definitions, typologies and models of cooperation or competition between human operators and at trying to apply them to analyze the cooperative and competitive activities of the car drivers. It pays special attention on a so-called Benefit-Cost-Deficit model to analyze cooperation or competition between human(More)