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The application of multi-attribute utility theory whose aggregation process is based on the Choquet integral requires the prior identification of a capacity. The main approaches to capacity identification proposed in the literature are reviewed and their advantages and inconveniences are discussed. All the reviewed methods have been implemented within the(More)
Data mining algorithms, especially those used for unsupervised learning, generate a large quantity of rules. In particular this applies to the Apriori family of algorithms for the determination of association rules. It is hence impossible for an expert in the field being mined to sustain these rules. To help carry out the task, many measures which evaluate(More)
It is a common problem that Kdd processes may generate a large number of patterns depending on the algorithm used, and its parameters. It is hence impossible for an expert to assess these patterns. This is the case with the well-known Apriori algorithm. One of the methods used to cope with such an amount of output depends on using association rule(More)
Le nombreparticulì erement important de r` egles générées par les algorithmes utilisés en extraction de connaissancesà partir de données (Ecd) ne permet pas aux utilisateurs de faire eux-mêmes la sélection des r` egles pertinentes. Un desprobì emes centraux de l'Ecd est le dévelop-pement de mesuresévaluant l'intérêt des r` egles découvertes. Ainsi de(More)
Multiple criteria sorting aims at assigning alternatives evaluated on several criteria to predefined ordered categories. In this paper, we consider a well known multiple criteria sorting method, Electre Tri, which involves three types of preference parameters: (1) category limits defining the frontiers between consecutive categories, (2) weights and(More)
PURPOSE To evaluate the efficacy and toxicity of stereotactic fractionated radiotherapy (SFRT) for patients with pituitary macroadenoma (PMA). METHODS AND MATERIALS Between March 2000 and March 2009, 27 patients (male to female ratio, 1.25) with PMA underwent SFRT (median dose, 50.4 Gy). Mean age of the patients was 56.5 years (range, 20.3 - 77.4). In all(More)
This paper presents a multiple criteria decision support approach in order to build a ranking and suggest a best choice 2 on a set of alternatives. The partial evaluations of the alternatives on the points of view can be fuzzy numbers. The aggregation is performed through the use of a fuzzy extension of the Choquet integral. We detail how to assess the(More)