Patrick Mendelsohn

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We describe a learning environment (MEMOLAB) that illustrates the distribution of roles among several agents. The learner solves problems in interaction with an expert, i.e. an agent who is able to solve the same problems through the same interface. The degree of assistance provided by the expert is tuned by another agent, the tutor, which monitors the(More)
The design of educational software has evolved during three decades, reflecting technical advances and changes in theories of instruction. In this project, we implemented some features of advanced interactive learning environments (ILEs): the multiplicity of teaching styles (the same content may be taught in several ways), the multiplicity of learning(More)
This paper addresses a series of questions concerning the domain of knowledge acquisition processes in human by comparing the approach explored by designers of learning environments with the one of developmental cognitive psychology. It starts with a brief description of the content and objectives of the project MEMOLAB, followed by an account of the(More)
The design and implementation of intelligent tutoring systems is mainly oriented towards scientific goals. Implementation is viewed as a methodology for research and systems are considered as its byproduct. However, this contribution shows that the theoretical grounds of our discipline do not restrict its applicability to theoretical advances. They respond(More)