Patrick Meier

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In the present paper, a finite-element model for simulating muscle mechanics is described. Based on nonlinear continuum mechanics an algorithm is proposed that includes the contractile active and passive properties of skeletal muscle. Stress in the muscle is assumed to result from the superposition of a passive and an active part. The passive properties are(More)
The influence of the myelin proteolipid apoprotein on lipid chain order and dynamics was studied by 2H NMR of membranes reconstituted with specifically deuterated dimyristoyl phosphatidylcholines. Quadrupolar echo and saturation recovery experiments were fitted by numerical solution of the stochastic Liouville equation, using a model that includes both(More)
The electron spin resonance spectra of 1-myristoyl-2-[n-(4,4-dimethyloxazolidine-N-oxyl)myristoyl]-sn- glycero-3-phosphocholine spin-label positional isomers (n = 6, 10, and 13) have been studied in oriented, fully hydrated bilayers of dimyristoylphosphatidylcholine, as a function of temperature and magnetic field orientation. The spectra have been(More)
The electron spin resonance spectra of the 1-myristoyl-2-[6-(4,4-dimethyloxazolidine-N-oxyl)myristoyl]-sn-glycero- 3-phosphocholine spin-label in highly oriented, fully hydrated bilayers of 1,2-dimyristoyl-sn-glycero-3-phosphocholine have been studied as a function of temperature and magnetic field orientation. The oriented spectra show clear indications of(More)
In the Swiss Prealps Entomobrya nivalis hibernates in an inactive state, hidden under bark flakes on spruce. For freeze avoidance it relies on thermal hysteresis proteins (THPs) and polyols (mainly ribitol, with small amounts arabitol and threitol). Polyols are present only during the inactive state, THPs additionally protect during the transition phase in(More)
The large zero-field splitting of rigid biradicals makes them important candidates for spin probes of phospholipid membranes. Here we develop an electron spin resonance line-shape model for such probes on the basis of the stochastic Liouville equation. Particular emphasis is given to the slow-diffusional regime, characteristic of bilayers in the gel phase.(More)
Photoinitiated polymerization of multifunctional monomers and oligomers is one of the most efficient methods to produce quasi-instantly highly cross-linked polymer networks. It has found a large number of commercial applications, mainly in the coating and printing industry. Among the advantages of this technology the high cure speed, the reduced energy(More)
Efficient routes to alpha-tert-butyl- and alpha-iso-propyl-ortho-hydroxybenzylamines 1a and 1b are described. Highly enantioenriched 1a and 1b were obtained by resolution of the methoxy derivatives 2 by recrystallization of the salts formed with mandelic acid followed by Lewis acid mediated demethylation. The chiral 1,3-amino alcohol 1a has also been(More)
Resonating vibrational states cannot consistently be described by single-reference vibrational self-consistent field methods but request the use of multiconfigurational approaches. Strategies are presented to accelerate vibrational multiconfiguration self-consistent field theory and subsequent multireference configuration interaction calculations in order(More)
Many Alpine rivers are affected by hydro-peaking, strong sub-daily fluctuations of discharge caused by intermittent power production from hydropower plants. Adding a retention volume at the outlet of a hydropower plant aims at attenuating hydro-peaking to a level where adverse effects on fish and invertebrates are minimal. The performance of such a(More)